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For Groups

Build trust and boost performance

Get a private podcast of team member stories that you can listen to in your favorite podcast app. Get to know each other, and work together better.

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For Individuals

Let people get to know you better

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Ways people are using the project

When we listen to each other, we connect. And human connection is the heart of it all.

Establishing comfort

As a nanny, Emily used her episode so parents would know more about who was with their kids.

Sharing your story

Clint wanted his clients, friends, and other veterans to better understand the many parts of his life.

Building trust at work

Paul and his co-workers swapped episodes to get to know each other better and build trust.

Connecting with family

The Katz family shared episodes to feel closer at a time when they are living thousands of miles apart.

How it works

Capture your story.

Record an interview with our AI Interviewer and approve your professionally-edited episode.

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Publish to your group’s Private Podcast, send your Episode Page to friends and fam, or post a Highlight on social media. You're in control.

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Open up, comfortably.

Our AI Interview is a no-pressure way to share your authentic self.

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Professionally edited.

We edit out pauses, “ums” and restarts. You give feedback, we make changes. You’ll sound your very best.

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Made for sharing.

Whether it’s Email, Slack, LinkedIn, Instagram, or the group thread: your episode can go wherever your people are.

It is definitely a ‘short circuit’ to getting to know each other at a more fundamental level.
- Real Human participant, WeightWatchers

98% of participants said they would recommend The Real Human Project.

“Real Human fast-tracks understanding each other on a more meaningful level.”

Dan Reich
EVP Global Product, Paramount+

“Our team is distributed across 3 countries and Real Human was the single best way to meaningfully celebrate our individual experiences, build a trusting environment and naturally create an inclusive, collaborative culture.”

Claire Santamaria
Head of HR, Oxford Properties Group

“Listening left me feeling so full of empathy for both the person in the podcast and everyone around me.”

Angelique Krembs
Former CMO at PepsiCo

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